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Starting May 7: 2:42 Home Groups

Updated: May 7

Come join us at 7:00 PM for an informal home setting to discuss the prior Sunday's message, share the burdens of our hearts and to pray for one another and our communities. Meeting locations and detail below:

Monday Night @ The Walulak Home (Webs of Influence) 6:30 PM

407 Pine Street, Lakehurst NJ

Host: Ron and Cindy Walulak; Facilitator: Shaughn Signorino

Tuesday Night @ The Elias Home (New Beginners / Webs of Influence) 6:30 PM

612 Greenwich Court, Toms River NJ

Hosts and Facilitators: Pastor Greg and Emily Elias

Chesterfield Thursday Night @ The Cardenosa Home (Webs of Influence) 7:00 PM 19 Waln Rd, Chesterfield NJ

Hosts and Facilitators: Pastor Jason and Serena Cardenosa

Toms River Thursday Night @ The Wooley Home (Day in the Life) 7:00 PM 2066 Lamplighter Dr, Toms River

Host: Rachael Wooley; Facilitator: Katrina Earp


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